Wanna Know About Me?

So I’m a twentysomething that loves food, college football (Geaux Tigers!) and music… Ok so there are more things that I like but those are the big ones. I fully believe in the power of food and music for the soul. And in a world filled with technology, I send cards.

Oh and I guess I should explain the page name… See, I may like to bake and cook and all that in the kitchen but I’m not a generally creative person. So as this is about food I knew I wanted to use the phrase “in the kitchen”. But what “in the kitchen”? Well here’s the most boring explanation to the most random name… My favorite color is pink. I’m an LSU alum and the Tigers are who I root for every Saturday; the phrase “I bleed purple and gold” isn’t strong enough to describe me. So there you have it. Pink Tiger in the Kitchen. Kinda lame. I know 🙂

If you want to know anything else, like can we be best friends, just send me an email… pinktigerblog@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Wanna Know About Me?

  1. so where are the pictures of the Thanksgiving meal that we work together on? I actually spent some time in the kitchen with you and must admit, the meal was awesome – even the dishes I prepared! The stingbean casserole was to die for! mom

  2. Hi, Pink Tiger!

    Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. I love meeting fellow cooks and I look forward to sharing recipes with you and learning some new ones from you, as well.


    • Thanks for the follow back! Your recipes look delicious… I attempted the vanilla marscapone buttercream this weekend so you’ll have to stay tuned for that blog post!

  3. Hey Emily – thank you for the delish Cowboy Cookies! And what a sweet touch (no pun intended) to add a jar of the cookie mix + the recipe so I can enjoy again. Though born & bred in Philly, I’m a Southern wannabe and love NOLA so it was extra fun to get a package from you. Happy Cookie Swap!

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