30 before 30

so i’ve seen this kind of list on a couple of blogs (both cooking and nonfood related) and i figure i should probably make a list too. see i’m not too far from the big 3-0 and there are some things i’d like to accomplish before then. i figure if i put them on a list that people can see, i might actually be able to cross stuff off….

so here it goes:

  1. start on my MBA
  2. get my notary
  3. run the color run
  4. learn yoga
  5. go offshore fishing done! went into the 100ft deep blue waters on 09.22.12
  6. visit the keys
  7. make angel food cake from scratch
  8. make homemade pasta
  9. knit myself a scarf
  10. master the art of grilling
  11. throw a dinner party based entirely around one of john besh’s cookbooks
  12. visit napa / wine country
  13. make a craft i found on pinterest
  14. visit the wizarding world of harry potter done!! and it is AMAZING!!!!!!
  15. visit dc during the national cherry blossom festival
  16. send someone a care package
  17. take a cooking class
  18. learn to scuba dive
  19. get a tshirt quilt made with my high school and college tshirts
  20. make a collage with the cards i’ve saved over the years
  21. reorganize my closets
  22. make homemade marshmallows done!!
  23. plant a garden
  24. run the crescent city classic celebration in the oaks run
  25. throw a dinner party based on susan spicer’s cookbook
  26. take a road trip done!! and can i just mention that driving the FL panhandle is NEVER.ENDING!? but it was a fun time!!
  27. make bread from scratch
  28. laugh more
  29. listen more
  30. learn to let go and just breathe

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