top 13 of ’13

so today is the last day of 2013….

i know i should be all sad and melancholy about the year ending but honestly, it has been the shortest {seriously, i feel like *just* yesterday i was doing the top 12 of ’12} but it has also been the looooongest year for me.

and since it’s the last day of the year, it’s the perfect time to round up the top 13 of ’13 {based on recipes that were posted in 2013}. i’m going to show you the top 7 based on views and my top 6.

hope you enjoy what made the list!

your top 7

7. vanilla caramel cheesecake – as much as i would love to say i get this, as i said i’m not a fan of cheesecake. but i am a HUGE fan of the caramel layer and my friend who requested this as a birthday treat loved it!

vanilla caramel cheesecake6. brown sugar maple cookies – these little gems made their way to my kitchen via averie cooks and i’m so glad they did!! they were maplely and soft and everything a cookie should be.

brown sugar maple cookies5. brownie cookies – another hit cookie from averie! i mean how could you go wrong with 3/4 lb of chocolate in a cookie that kept a melty center and chewy brownie like edge?!

brownie cookies4. mini grasshopper pies – mint chocolate + mini mason jar = cuteness & deliciousness overload!! i mean there was definitely something magical about putting a mint chocolate pie in a mini mason jar.

mini grasshopper pie3. jalapeno cheesy bacon rolls – these rolls!! there are so many reasons i love that these were the 3rd most viewed recipe from this year!! partly because i was successful with yeast and because spicy, cheesy, bacony goodness!!

jalapeno cheddar bacon swirl rolls2. breakfast casserole – this is by far my 2nd most requested recipe of all time!! it even earned me an insulated pyrex dish!! 🙂

breakfast casserole1. twinkie bundt cake – it’s a giant version of the all american favorite that we almost lost this year. plus it came from on of my favorite cookbooks.

twinkie bundt cake

my top 6:

6. greek couscous salad – this pasta salad turned out to be such a hit!! i loved it so so much and it’s super versatile.

greek couscous salad5. red velvet sandwich cookies – these are BY FAR the most requested recipe i get asked to make… which makes me smile because they are so stinking easy!!

red velvet sandwich cookies4. cookie monster ice cream – i love ice cream and that love has only grown since i got my ice cream maker. and this ice cream…. how could you go wrong with oreos and chocolate chip cookies!?

cookie monster ice cream3. brownie sundae ice cream – so i obviously love ice cream since it’s my nos. 3 and 4… and cookie monster narrowly lost out to this recipe. the caramel swirl was the nail in cookie monster ice cream’s coffin.

Brownie Sundae Ice Cream via Pink Tiger in the Kitchen2. caramel stuffed chocolate cupcakes – no shocker that it’s another recipe that has caramel but truth be told, even if the caramel isn’t there these are fantastic!! this is my new go to chocolate buttercream and cupcake recipe. in fact these came about when i was testing for a wedding and once i tasted the end result, i was in love.

Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes via Pink Tiger in the Kitchen1. amped up drunken blondies – i mean c’mon. these have me ALL.OVER.IT. there’s brown butter, bacon, booze, chocolate, and sugar. are you surprised?!

amped up drunken blondiesi hope some of your favorites made the list!!

thank you for dropping by now and then to stalk what’s coming out of my kitchen. i hope everyone has a marvelous new year’s eve and a wonderful 2014!!



5 thoughts on “top 13 of ’13

  1. Yay!! These all just loooooookk amazing. So glad this year brought me to your blog. I can’t wait to try those blondies. Look so good. Happy New Year dear!!

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