an explanation…


i feel that i owe you an explanation…

i have been taking time away from the blog.

i know that i did this once before but this moment will last a little longer.

you see i’ve been trying really hard to establish a schedule of posting on tuesdays / thursdays but it got overwhelming for me. you might be sitting there questioning how it could be so overwhelming that i need to step away for a bit…


trying to keep up was beginning to feel like a second job and it was beginning to stress me out. i know that there are many bloggers who are infinitely more successful and wider read than my little corner of the blogosphere who do in fact run their blogs as a secondary career. and my hat is WAY off to them. but for me it wasn’t any fun any more. so i’m stepping back. i’m taking a blogcation if you will.

and when i’m done all that r&r, i’ll be back with some more yumminess although it probably won’t be on a regular schedule, which i think was my big problem. i may go back to at least once a week. we’ll see.

if you’ve stopped by my little corner of the world, thank you.



3 thoughts on “an explanation…

  1. Emily, I’ll miss your posts but it sounds like it’s absolutely the right thing to do! Writing a blog is crazy time consuming, and I honestly don’t know how some people do it all–post several times a week, keep up with social media, comment on a million blogs…it’s crazy! Hopefully taking time away will be relaxing and inspiring. Happy r&r! 🙂

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