a moment…

i know this isn’t my normal type of post and no this post won’t contain a recipe so you can stop reading now if you don’t want to hear me get preachy but i needed a moment to say something…

lately, i’ve been seeing a lot of posts pop up on the blogs i read regarding others on the internet who steal their recipes / images and represent the content as their own. and that’s exactly what it is… stealing. many of the blogs out there are registered llcs and many blog writers do what they do either as a side job or, if they are part of the lucky few, as their full time job. while i currently do not land in either of those categories, i just do this for fun and to bring smiles to people’s faces, i feel like i need to say something to the five of you and my parents that read this. 🙂


a vast majority of the recipes i’ve posted on here have not been the product of my own geniusness. a few here and there have been but most i’ve found on a blog or cookbook or magazine or another source. but i have and will always give credit where credit is due. the geniuses that come up with these and other recipes spend countless hours testing and retesting until it’s perfect. yes, i may make some modifications but i will always note where the original recipe comes from. if it comes from a blog, i will always link back to the original. always. if it comes from a cookbook, i will always tell you. if it came from a magazine, you’ll know. there are some recipes in my arsenal that will come your way that i don’t know where they came from and i’ll tell you that. there was a time, i would copy and paste to word so all i have is the recipe and not the original source. if i would have known then that years from that moment, i would need to credit the source, i would have made sure to remember but what can i say. if a recipe is something i actually came up with, you’ll know that too.

and as for me stealing anyone’s pictures… believe me, you’d know. i know that my food styling skills need work and while mine may not be the best out there, they’re just that. mine. i promise that i take every shot on here, questionable or not.

all of that leads me to this pointers… in a world of facebook and pinterest if you come across a recipe that isn’t from the original source, please don’t keep spreading it. when you come across a pin that has an awesome sounding recipe, if the full recipe is in the description, click through the pin to the original source and pin from there.

and all this doesn’t just apply to food bloggers. this applies to ALL bloggers and writers and any one who puts their creativity and talent out there (internet or pen to page or paint brush to canvas or whatever).

i know someone out there is say “so what?” well to you sir / madam, i say, how do you feel when you work extra hard at work on a project and that lazy person next to you steals all your work and claims all the glory for their own? a little pissed right? or maybe you’re that person. because that’s exactly what this is… the information that you see on the screen, the information that is out there when a blogger hits the publish button is their hard work.

so please. the people who spend their time coming up with these awesome recipes (and other awesome stuff out there) deserve the love and respect.



Holla Back!

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