12 super gras foods

so i hear you right now…

“super gras? ummmmm emily i think you’re going more cuckoo than you already are.”

and to that i say, “negative ghost rider.”

see in case you didn’t know, i live in south louisiana and this is the time of year for mardi gras. which also just so happens to be coinciding with a little football game at the same time. so apparently everyone around here decided to start calling the three weeks that mardi gras and the superbowl span, “super gras”.

original i know.

so while everyone is telling you about their dishes perfect for a superbowl party, i’m going to one up that… these dishes would work perfectly for a superbowl party OR a parade party. i’ve tried to narrow them down to 12 manly and/or really easy dishes.

appetizers / mains

superbowl appetizers / mains

  1. baked potato dip – so super simple and so freaking addictive.
  2. chela’s corn dip – again, so super simple and bonafide crack.
  3. spicy dr. pepper pulled pork – although this might take a little bit of time, simple, delicious and totally party worthy.
  4. aunt leah’s cole slaw – if you’re going to have pulled pork, one of staple sides is cole slaw, and this is one of my favorites.
  5. pulled pork nachos – again, if you’re going to be making pulled pork, do yourself a favor and make some nachos. trust me.
  6. baby back ribs – these are made in the oven so you can set it and forget it.

drink / desserts

superbowl drink / desserts

  1. cherry lemonade – so far the only drink to make it to the blog but damn delicious. spike it with some vodka if you so desire (and you totally do).
  2. chocolate stout cookies – ummm the superbowl is a football game so what better than beer and chocolate?
  3. orange cream cookies – seriously. about the easiest cookies EVER and your new most requested cookies.
  4. s’mores bars – really is there anything better than melty chocolate and marshmallow creme? i think not.
  5. bacon caramel brownie – the most manly brownie. i mean chocolate and bacon are meant to be best friends.
  6. salted caramel shortbread crumble – using store bought caramel makes these super yummy and easy.

there you go!

12 dishes to get you through super gras.

are you going to watch the big game? who are you pulling for?

oh and most importantly…. what’s your favorite party food??


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