bornge: a review

i figured i was going to mix this up a little bit….

almost every post i’ve ever written has been accompanied by a recipe. not this one.

this one is going to be dedicated to a restaurant. i figure it’s good to try something new…..

plus i absolutely loved dinner and i really want the world to know about!

this past weekend, i went with my mom and stepdad to see jersey boys play in new orleans at the mahalia jackson theater. since we were going in town for all of our respective january birthdays, we decided to make a special occasion out of it and do a nice dinner. normally, i’m the one that makes the suggestions / reservations for dinners. i am slightly food obsessed so that’s my job. this time, i actually had little to do with the final pick. my mom starting making suggestions and she made the final decision.

although i do have to say, i did bring up borgne in our discussions…. just saying.

back to the point….

so my mom made the final decision to make the reservation at borgne and i can’t begin to say how pleased i am that it won out.

first off… i’m pretty sure that my obsession with john besh is quite evident. if not… let’s just say i’m obsessed with him and want to visit all of his restaurants before i die (and let’s be frank…. i’m 5 for 7 right now.) so i was already pumped because borgne is the latest restaurant he’s opened. but just because a “celebrity” chef opens a restaurant, doesn’t mean it’s going to live up to your expectations (i’m looking at you emeril) but did this one.

the food was out of this world. we arrived earlier than our reservation and during happy hour which worked out so well. as with most restaurants, they didn’t just have drink specials during happy hour but they also had some appetizer specials which meant i wasn’t going to have to make a decision between two of them that i wanted to try out… we ordered the crabmeat croquetas and the smoked pork empanadas. both were excellent but my favorite was the empanadas. i could have stuffed my face with them.

like for real, i’m going to need someone to smoke me some pork so i can try to recreate them.

next up my stepdad and i each ordered the green salad and my mom ordered the garlic soup. the salad has baby greens with manchego (one of my favorite cheeses ever!), pear and hazelnuts tossed in a hazelnut vinaigrette. it was absolutely delicious and i adored the crunch from the hazelnuts.

then we ordered our entrees…. my mom ordered the black drum a la plancha which was served with brown butter, pecans and lump crabmeat. my stepdad ordered the flounder which was stuffed with a seafood stuffing and served whole. i tasted both of these dishes and i would order them in a heartbeat. in fact, one of the only reasons i didn’t order them is because they did and i knew i could taste them!! i ordered the pork cheeks.

i can hear you now…. yes… pork cheeks are literally the cheeks of a pig. might not sound like something you want to eat but trust me, they are. the pork cheeks were really tender and paired perfectly with a parsnip flan, some brussel sprout leaves and sauteed apples and carrots. i honestly cannot complain about a single thing that was on my plate. my only complaint is my stomach isn’t double the size so i could have eaten about 10x more.

but for real.

i feel like parsnips are an underrated veggie and their slight sweetness paired beautifully with the richness of the pork. and i’m not a huge fan of brussel sprouts but these may have been my favorite piece of the dish. they were done perfectly and make me want to try to make some brussel sprout dishes in my own kitchen. no joke. and the apples and carrots… well normally i’m not a fan of the texture of cooked apples so i wasn’t planning on eating them but i trusted chef landry and tasted one. and then another. and then another. they were basically just warmed in the pan and still had the crunch of a good apple.

pork cheeks!

pork cheeks!

and then we did dessert.

again… i wish my stomach was bigger because i wanted to clear my plate and lick it clean but i didn’t have the room. we ordered 2 desserts for the table: the blackout cake and the lemon olive oil cake. the lemon olive oil cake was amazing as expected but i know it surprises no one that i went after the blackout cake like it was my job. it was rich and dense and delightful. and i know that some people expect a very sweet cake when it comes to chocolate but it wasn’t. it was perfectly mildly sweet which was balanced with the coffee and chicory in it.

blackout cake

blackout cake

all in all, dinner at borgne was almost perfection. the service was great and they even brought all of us a shot of honey rum to celebrate our birthdays! i would HIGHLY recommend someone making reservations at borgne for their trip to new orleans. i know that new orleans is a food town and there are SO MANY restaurants to choose from but this was by far, one of the best meals i’ve had there.

if you go, let me know what you think!!

have you been to any restaurants that have completely blown you away??



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