28 for 28

in honor of another trip around the sun here’s some random things you might like (or might not like) to know…

  1. i’m right handed…
  2. … but when i’m eating something i cut my food with my left hand…
  3. …but if i chop something i use my right hand again
  4. i live and die by college football…
  5. …and i bleed purple and gold to deepest layer possible
  6. i’m slightly obsessed with harry potter…
  7. …i have honestly lost track of the number of times i have read the books
  8. i’ve never been out of the country…
  9. …i’ve barely been out of the south.
  10. i’m not a particular fan of my first name…
  11. ….it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay too popular
  12. i know whether someone knows me from before college by the name they call me
  13. my favorite color is pink…
  14. …but it’s only a slight winner over purple
  15. i send cards for every holiday…
  16. …it takes me forever to pick out the perfect card…
  17. …i don’t like serious cards. only funny.
  18. i’m all about a free tshirt
  19. it’s amazing (and sad) at how fast i go from looking socially acceptable to not when i get home from work…
  20. …seriously, if i could wear sweats and a tshirt everyday i would be supremely happy.
  21. i love the movie version of hairspray
  22. …i watch it when i’m getting ready to go out or for some big event.
  23. i still use an old school printed calendar which i color code for birthdays, days off, holidays, appointments, pretty much everything.
  24. i fell in love with dc within a couple days of visiting it and i have no real explanation as to why.
  25. i am a parrothead.
  26. i’m not big on crowds.
  27. aside from a big dinner or a night out, i pretty much only drink water.
  28. i keep a drawer full of snacks in my office.



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