top 12 from 2012

happy new year’s!!

hope everyone had a safe and good one… and hopefully now you’re eating all the good luck foods (pork, greens, black eyed peas, noodles, etc.).

i can’t believe that another year has passed. i don’t like this getting older and having time fly by. it’s a tad ridiculous.

i know that this post is technically a year late but i figure what better way to kick off the new year than by looking back at the top 6 viewed recipes and my top 6 recipes.


ok on with it!


chicken parm meatballs

chicken parm meatballs

can i just say that this was the most viewed recipe and there is definitely a reason why? i mean meatballs are delicious but stuff it with cheese and have it taste like chicken parm? to.die.for.

spicy dr. pepper pulled pork

dr pepper pulled pork

this is a perfectly spiced pulled pork. it’s perfect for any occasion.

jello poke cake

jello poke cake

such a traditional dessert. there is a reason that this is a recipe that is in everyone’s kitchen. super light and refreshing. yum!

lemon sugar cookies

lemon sugar cookies

it’s no shock to anyone that i love my cookies and adding lemon to a basic sugar cookies just elevates them that much more.

mexican chocolate crinkle cookies

mexican chocolate crinkle cookies

yet another cookie recipe. and yet another winner.

cowgirl cookies

cowgirl cookies

the last and final of your top 6 which is quite fitting… they are delicious and they’re meant to be shared.


pulled pork nachos

pulled pork nachos

you liked the pulled pork… i loved the nachos that came from it.

praline bundt cake

praline bundt cake 2

yes this recipe uses a cake mix… do i care? absolutely not. my mom found the recipe a couple years ago from the paper and there’s good reason i continue to make it.

vanilla bean sandwich cookies

vanilla sandwich cookies

perfectly vanilla. seriously.

hot cocoa thumbprints

hot cocoa thumbprints

i COULD NOT stop eating these. and i found my new favorite buttercream in these.

my favorite shrimp and grits

shrimp and grits

there is a reason i call them my favorite. i absolutely love shrimp and grits and these are perfect (at least for me!)

cherry lemonade

cherry lemonade

the only drink recipe on the blog so far. i loved this and am experimenting with using other fruits. perfectly refreshing… even more refreshing with a splash of vodka.

so that’s the top 12 of 2012. now onto find the top 13 of 2013!

oh and have you made your resolutions yet? i’ve made a couple such as… really learning how to stage the photography on here and posting twice(!) a week on a schedule!

here’s hoping that you and i both stick to our resolutions and have a very happy new year!!



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