merry chrismukkah!

please tell me you remember the o.c.

because i totally loved it.

and i totally love saying merry chrismukkah!

for reals.


i normally don’t post on fridays but i figure since you might not have baked cookies for santa yet, i’d share my faves so you could get on that. and since this is all about cookies for santa and this time of year is all about family time, you should get in the kitchen with kiddos and bake some of these.

hot cocoa thumbprints

hot cocoa thumbprints

ummmm these were delightful and i’m slightly obsessed with the marshmallow buttercream.

brown butter snickerdoodles

brown butter snickerdoodles

not only am i in love with snickerdoodles but brown butter… oh i don’t have words.

double dark chocolate cookies

double dark chocolate chip cookies

mmmmm dark chocolatey double chocolateness. (and yes that’s a perfectly acceptable description.)

cookie dough frosted sugar cookies

chocolate chip cookie dough frosted sugar cookies

soft sugar cookies and cookie dough buttercream. what could be wrong with that?

chocolate chip rice krispie cookies

chocolate chip rice krispie cookies

a family classic.

cake mix chocolate chip cookies

cake mix chocolate chip cookies

pressed for time? these are your go-to. ohhhhh and since i’ve posted these, i’ve started with chocolate cake mix and andes mint chips.

vanilla bean sandwich cookies

vanilla sandwich cookies

want to really impress the jolly fat man? make him a batch of these. don’t feel like making him sandwich cookies. just make the vanilla cookies. perfectly vanilla.

baklava cookies

baklava cookies

one of my favorite desserts made into cookie form by one of my favorite chefs. winning.

peppermint sugar cookies

peppermint cookies

is there anything better than peppermint this time of year?

almond sugar cookies

almond glazed sugar cookiesi love almond anything and i hear so does santa.

do you have any cookies that santa requests?

i hope that you and your family are having a very wonderful holiday season!!



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