cake batter sugar cookies

so do you every have those days where you feel like you bit off WAY more than you could chew??

um for me that day was last tuesday. like nearly had a nervous breakdown tuesday night.

see what happened was we were going on a fishing trip and i decided to make all kinds of things. which wouldn’t have been a problem but i just didn’t have as much time as i thought. everything i was making took me just a little bit longer than i imagined and it was like trying to cook an entire holiday dinner in the timespan of no more than 6 hours. (which seems like a lot of time but next time you cook for thanksgiving, let me know if you can get all your cooking and prep work done the day of….) and i still didn’t get everything done before we left. needless to say, it all made me a bit touchy on wednesday.

but long story short, i made all the baked goods. which included some orange cookies, some rice krispie treats, some mini bundt cupcakes and these cookies.

see i originally found these cookies on pinterest (duh where else?) and knew i needed them in my life stat. see i’m a lover of batter and dough as evidenced here. i think i would eat everything raw if it was completely acceptable. so i saw these and it peaked my curiosity… even more so that these little gems didn’t have a single bit of cake mix in them to give them a battery flavor. say what? this had to be tried.

cake batter sugar cookies

  • 1/4 c (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temp
  • 1/2 c sugar
  • 1 egg yolk, room temp
  • 1/2 tsp butter extract
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 c flour
  • 1/2 c + 1/4 c colorful sprinkles
  1. preheat oven to 350F. line your baking sheets with parchment paper or a silpat; set aside.
  2. cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. beat in egg yolk, butter extract, baking powder and salt. slowly add in the flour and mix until just incorporated. gently mix in the 1/3 c sprinkles.
  3. roll dough into balls and roll into the remaining 1/4 c sprinkles. bake for 9-10 min until the are just starting to barely change color. you don’t want them to brown.
  4. allow to cool on the baking sheet for 2 min before removing to a cooling rack to cool completely.

here’s my suggestion if you’re going to attempt these and aren’t quite the sprinkle addict that sally is… cut back some on the sprinkles. i doubled the recipe when i made these and could have done without doubling the sprinkles. they were just a tad too much for me. and if you wanted to bring these to your tailgate this weekend you could get really awesome and find sprinkles in your teams colors and use those. you can believe that there will be some purple and gold cake batter sugar cookies in my near future. just saying.


recipe from: sally’s baking addiction


oatmeal cookie sandwiches with brown butter maple buttercream

so i know i’ve mentioned a bajillion times how much i love fall. and even though it’s not fall here and we very rarely ever get a true “fall”, i like to play pretend. i like to imagine it’s not 90F outside and that i could be wearing boots and scarves instead of tank tops and sandals. and i like to help out this pretending with foods that scream fall… at least to me.

these cookie sandwiches… oh they so do.

they have cinnamon, allspice, cloves and maple all rolled into them. plus the buttercream… oh the buttercream. it might have been described as a “slice of heaven” that was accompanied by some angels singing.

these little sandwiches are like the grownup version of oatmeal creme pies. theses little gems have soft, thick oatmeal cookies that sandwich a sweet buttercream that not only has maple in it but also brown butter.

and can we just talk about brown butter for a minute. ummm it is like pure deliciousness. like for real. i mean butter in itself is a staple in my house but you take that butter right to the edge of burntness and make it all toasty and nutty and yummy. duh. totally in.

plus i might have a thing for maple. i may have mentioned it once or twice or so. i don’t know what it is about maple that makes me think of fall but for real. maple + brown butter + oatmeal cookies. c’mon!

oatmeal cookie sandwiches with brown butter maple buttercream

  • 1 1/2 c flour
  • 1 1/2 c old fashion rolled oats
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp allspice
  • 1/8 tsp cloves
  • 1/2 c (1 stick) + 1/4 c (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 c light brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, room temp
  • 4 tbs maple syrup, divided
  • 1 tsp maple extract
  • 1 c powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp heavy cream
  1. preheat your oven to 350F. line you baking sheets with parchment paper or a silpat.
  2. whisk together flour, oats, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves in a medium bowl; set aside.
  3. cream together the 1/2 c butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. add eggs, one at a time. add 2 tbs maple syrup and maple extract. slowly add in the flour / oat mixture and mix until just combined.
  4. using your handy dandy cookie scoop, place tablespoon size scoops about 1 1/2 in apart on your prepared baking sheets. bake for 8-10 min until the cookies just start to brown around the edges. cool completely.
  5. while your cookies are baking brown your butter: place the remaining butter in a small saucepan and slowly melt it until it turns amber / light brown and it smells nutty. be careful to watch it since it can burn. let the butter cool while the cookies finish cooling.
  6. when your butter is cooled to room temp, beat it together with the remaining maple syrup and powdered sugar. add in your heavy cream and mix until creamy.
  7. now just assemble your sandwiches with just enough filling to have a light center.

that’s it!

brings your childhood into fall.

it was mentioned to me that this filling is on the sweet side and that’s true. that’s why you want to add a small amount to the center. i happen to think these are a perfect balance of not super sweet cookies with enough sweetness coming from the filling. in fact i may or may not have been dipping cookies into the buttercream while making sandwiches.

since we’re pretending its fall, what’s YOUR favorite fall dish?


recipe lightly adapted from: mother thyme

double dark chocolate chip cookies

so i’m pretty sure i’ve made it obvious that i’m not summer’s biggest fan. don’t get me wrong… i like the concept of summertime. i just cannot stand the heat. i hate hate hate hate it. i would much appreciate a constant 75-80F temperature than have highs that feel like i’m baking in an oven.

that being said i have a love / hate relationship with fall. i mainly hate that we don’t ever get a true fall down south. sure it may cool off but that only means that the temperatures are in the 80s and not the 90s+. it just feels weird to be thinking about making anything fall related when i’m still sweating bullets outside.

other than the lack of a change in temperature, i love fall. it’s by far my favorite season. i love the theoretical smells and tastes of fall. plus fall is FOOTBALL SEASON!! holla!!

what does fall have to do with these cookies? eh nothing in particular but they would totally make an awesome addition to your tailgate table.

i hadn’t planned on making these cookies… i was flipping through martha’s cookie cookbook thinking about jumping back on the martha’s cookie madness banwagon and bam. see when i evacuated to my mom’s house for some much need ac quality time during isaac, we were walking through target – restocking pantries / fridges – and i decided they totally needed some cookies at their house. and the good people at nestle tollhouse had a package that was looking totally amazing…  dark chocolate delight cookies… mmm. wouldn’t you know that during my martha flipping, i found a cookie that i could make a few adjustments to and have like 5 dozen dark chocolate delights?!? score!!

double dark chocolate chip cookies

  • 1 1/4 c (2 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temp
  • 2 eggs, room temp
  • 1 3/4 c flour
  • 1 1/4 c cocoa powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/4 c sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 12 oz bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 1 c dark chocolate chips
  1. preheat oven to 350F. line your baking pans with parchment paper or a silpat.
  2. sift together the flour, cocoa powder and baking soda in a bowl; set aside.
  3. beat together the sugar, butter and salt until fluffy. add the eggs and vanilla; beat until well combined.
  4. slowly add the flour mixture and beat until just combined. fold in the chocolate chips and shavings.
  5. using your cookie scoop, place balls of cookie dough on your prepared baking sheet; slightly flatten the tops of the cookies. bake until set, 8-10 min. transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

a couple confessions…. as i’m retyping this recipe, i totally noticed that there is supposed to be some dark brown sugar in it. um yeah let’s notice, the amount isn’t given because i completely left it out. don’t worry!! these are awesome without it.  also, my cookies were perfectly baked at 9 min.

can i also tell y’all how bummed i am that out of all the pictures i took, there was never a good one of the plate that these were hanging out on! i was wandering the aisles at t.j. maxx and saw the cutest owl plate and was so pumped to get a picture with it… bummer.


recipe adapted from: martha stewart’s cookie cookbook

turtle brownies

dear universe, when i say that i need a vacation i was thinking more along the lines of somewhere on a beach with a fruity drink in my hand… NOT sitting in the heat because my power went out because of a stupid hurricane. can we please do something about our little miscommunication there? k? thanks.

y’all for real.

can i just tell you how miserable it is to be without power in the south in august? it is M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. and i’ll be honest… the first day/night without power wasn’t horrible mainly because i had jacked my ac down before it went out and it was also still overcast and rainy. but then came day numero 2 AND the sun. all that semi-comfort i had from day 1 was gone in an instant. it was blazing. and i was sweating. if you know me, you know i’m not a particular fan of sweating. i mean there is reason i pay good money to go to a gym and sweat in the ac.

and with isaac coming at us, there has been no cooking to be had around my house. you learn after living with hurricanes your whole like that you could possibly have to throw out everything in your fridge/freezer so you try to stay minimal. that’s not to say i couldn’t have baked some food (and not heard a fair amount of grief from my coworkers) but let’s be honest, i have also been supremely lazy the past couple weeks. so that coupled with 72 hours of no electricity translated into me just getting back into the kitchen this week… well last night to be exact. and it was for a very special reason…

today is maddie’s birthday!!

see recently, i proposed making everyone at the office a special birthday treat for their birthday instead of going to a local bakery and buying a cake. this way, everyone could have their favorite treat and i could try something new for here. it’s a win win. and today it happened to be maddie’s choice and i couldn’t be more excited for it. i am pumped to say i geniunely like everyone i work with but maddie’s special. she’s like the absolute nicest person you could ever meet. for real. when i was trying to get her to tell me what treat she wanted, she kept saying “whatever everyone else likes”. it was a task to get a request out of her because it wasn’t about her, she was determined to make sure that everyone enjoyed it.

she finally settled on brownies and they needed to have nuts.

one other thing about maddie is that she’s a chocolate lover. and who can blame her? so i knew that if she kept giving me the “whatever everyone else likes” line that there would definitely be chocolate involved; heavily involved. so when she allowed me to take refuge to her air conditioned house on night 2 of no-power-thank-you-very-much-isaac, i grilled her and she mentioned brownies with nuts. what goes better with brownies that have nuts than some extra chocolate and caramel? ummmm not too much.

so i researched for the perfect recipe and stumbled across these turtle brownies from annie. you may remember that i made annie’s lemon layer cake and it was delish. i knew that anything she came up with would be a winner. and these are. i mean what could be wrong about a dense, chocolatey brownie topped with pecans and drizzled with homemade caramel and ganache? um ok… maybe that dense brownie all warmed up with some vanilla ice cream but just make sure that brownie is all up in that combination ok?

turtle brownies

  • 10 oz + 2 oz bittersweet chocolate, chopped
  • 2 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped
  • 1 c (2 sticks) butter, room temp
  • 6 tbs cocoa
  • 6 large eggs
  • 2 1/2 c + 1 c sugar
  • 4 tsp + 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp + 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 c flour
  • 1 c chopped pecans
  • 1 1/4 c + 1/4 c heavy cream
  • 1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
  1. preheat the oven to 350F. spray a 9×13 pan with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. in a double boiler, melt the 10 oz of bittersweet chocolate, 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate and butter together until smooth, stir occasionally to prevent the chocolate from burning. whisk in cocoa powder until smooth and set aside to cool slightly.
  3. in a medium-large bowl, whisk together the eggs, 2 1/2 c sugar, 4 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp salt until thoroughly incorporated. whisk in the melted chocolate mixture until combined. stir in flour with a spatula / wooden spoon until just combined. pour the mixture into the greased pan and spread into an even layer. bake 20 – 25 min until the batter is beginning to set on top. remove from the oven and sprinkle with the pecans; press them slightly into the batter and return the pan to the oven for another 10 min until the brownies are slightly puffed on top. transfer the pan to a wire rack and let cool to room temp while you make the caramel sauce and ganache.
  4. make the caramel: measure the 1 1/4 c of heavy cream into a measuring up. scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and add to the heavy cream. spread the remaining 1 c of sugar in an even layer over the bottom of a heavy sauce pan. place over medium-low heat and watch it carefully. when the sugar begins to liquefy, gently stir it towards the center. continue to gentle stir (i swirlled rather than stirred) until the sugar is melted and the caramel has turned a deep amber. carefully whisk in half of the heavy cream mixture; stirring until well incorporated. whisk in the remaining cream, salt and vanilla.
  5. make the ganache: place the remaining chocolate in a double boiler until just melted. remove from heat and whisk in the remaining cream until you have a smooth ganache.
  6. once the brownies are room temp and both the caramel and ganache have been made, drizzle the brownies with caramel and ganache. place the brownies in the fridge for 2 hours before serving.

a quick note about the recipe…. yes, this requires a fair amount of steps but they’re totally worth it. if you didn’t want to make homemade caramel and / or chocolate ganache, you could sub ice cream toppings but nothing beats homemade caramel. like i cannot even begin to tell you how excited i am to have caramel left over for consumption straight from a spoon.

also, if you make the caramel and the sugar hardens, just place the saucepan back on a burner set to medium low and stir until everything melts and the caramel is gloriously liquidy.

p.s. sorry for the terrible iphone photo above… usually they are relatively decent but this one… eh.

oh and the birthday girl totally loved her brownies… see:


recipe from: annie’s eats