pulled pork nachos

so i may have mentioned it once or twice that i’m trying to become a gym rat. and i have to say i’ve been doing pretty good at the goal.

why do i mention this yet again?

well becoming a gym rat makes me feel less guilty about eating stuff like this.

see i totally alluded to these the other day and now i’m finally sharing them with you. these are definitely a work in progress but it’s little tweaks (like perfecting the homemade tortilla chips) so i feel that i shouldn’t hold out.

i don’t know about where you live, but food trucks seem to popping up and are big time. i LOVE it. it should be pretty obvious that i’m a “foodie” (i still hate that term so let’s come up with something better) so having these food trucks around town is an awesome thing. this town still has a long way to go (i’m looking at you butchers and tapas bars…. please come here) but it’s slowly getting along. back to the food trucks… these nachos were inspired by the local taco truck. they featured them as a special and i knew i had to try them. i mean pulled pork and cheese and all kinds of goodness. how did i not think of this brillance before? so i tried them. and now i’m totally ripping them off recreating their dish.

pulled pork nachos

  • pulled pork – i would say about 1 – 2 c worth, drain it well so your chips don’t get super soggy
  • tortilla chips – about 2 handfuls per person
  • cheese sauce – recipe below
  • fresh cilantro – about a good handful or two
  • 1/2 red onion, finely diced
  • pickled jalapenos – 2-3 tbs worth
  • radishes, sliced thin – i used about 5-6
  1. layer your ingredients to make the most amazing nachos: tortilla chips then cheese sauce then pulled pork then cilantro then red onion then radishes finally some pickled jalapenos

cheese sauce

  • 8-12 oz cheese – i used closer to 12 oz and a mix of pepperjacks (habenero, roasted and green hatch)
  • 1 c evaporated milk – buy a 12 oz can just to be on the safe side
  • 1 tbs corn starch
  • 1-2 tbs hot sauce, or less/more depending on taste
  1. combine the cheese and corn starch in a bowl and toss to combine. transfer to a medium saucepan and add the 1 c of evaporated milk and hot sauce. cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until it is all melted together and thickened. if it looks super thick to you, add a splash or so of the extra evaporated milk until you’re happy with it.

a couple of things…

in the sake of honesty, taco de paco adds beans to their nachos. i don’t eat beans so i don’t mention adding them in your layers. but hey. if you want to add some beans to these go for it.

this made 3 very healthy servings of nachos that served as our main (and pretty much only) meal of the day (like i totally took a 2 hour nap after eating). you could make smaller portions or double up your ingredients if you’re making them for more than 3 people.

can i have used totally any more times in this post? obnoxious i know but i really do say it too much. i should work on that.

oh and just in case you were wondering.. these are my first creation that i’ve come up with for this little blog which means you should totally make them asap to celebrate.


cheese sauce recipe very slightly adapted from: serious eats


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