cherry lemonade


it’s only may and i’m melting.

i don’t like it the hot. i don’t like it one single bit. and since we don’t really have a “spring”, i’ve gone from warm (like 70-75F winter) to 90F in may. this is bs. the only season i have is football. (and let’s be honest, that’s semi-ok with me… i’d like a fall/spring type season too.)

but if i have to suffer through an unbearable summer (trust me… the heat down here is unbearable), i’d like to do it with a nice drink in my hand. something light and refreshing please. something that’s easy to make and is ready in 2.5 seconds. something like cherry lemonade.

seriously though… this stuff is awesome. i happened upon it through pinterest and it’s from paula deen’s website so i knew it had to be good. and it was… just add a little splash of vodka (or your favorite liquor) and it’s a party!

cherry lemonade

  • 10 oz frozen sweet cherries, thawed – in full disclosure, i used 12 oz. hey, that’s the size the bag was and really what was i going to do with 2 oz of thawed cherries?
  • 1 c fresh lemon juice
  • 1 c sugar
  • 1 qt seltzer (sparkling) water, cold – i used the lemon kind
  1. blend cherries, lemon juice and sugar in a blender until it’s well blended. pour into a strainer and strain the bigger solids out. pour into a pitcher.
  2. add seltzer water to the pitcher.
  3. pour over ice and enjoy!

drink some before you melt too!



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