sno-ball cupcakes

wow i’ve been on a blogging roll recently. i guess there’s several reasons for that…

1) when i get in a blogging lull it’s not because i’m not cooking / baking. it’s because i get lazy and want to do something else. like nap. i like napping.

2) when i get lazy, i build up a stockpile of things to blog about so i can get on a roll when i start again.

so now i’m not being super lazy and i have a stockpile and i’m distracting myself. i, like most other cooks/bakers, am a person that shows emotion through food. i bake and cook and give people food to show my love. having a bad day? let me make you some soup. having a bad week? here’s a cake. when i’m having a moment – good, bad or otherwise i drown myself in food. whether it’s in the kitchen or now through this blog. and i’m having a moment. not good or bad… just a moment that i need to distract myself from so i’m catching up on my stockpile of things to blog about.


remember how i very briefly mentioned that i have a friend that makes amazing cupcakes? well here’s another fun fact about her… she shares my love of sno-balls. and i’m jealous because she lives in new orleans, the only place you can really get a good sno-ball. and when i say sno-ball, i’m not talking about this chunky sno-cones / shaved ice business. i’m talking about ice that’s been through a snowizard that comes out fine as freshly fallen snow (have i ever really encountered freshly fallen snow? well that’s just not the point…) and that then has what is essentially flavored simple syrup poured on top. it’s a glorious thing. and she and i love them. so much so that we went and got one before a friend’s recent wedding. yes people gave us weird looks but they just don’t understand… see.

why am i telling you this fun little story? well only because her birthday was recently and i had to bring her the most perfect cupcakes for it. but i say that with this disclaimer… this post really isn’t about the recipe for the cupcakes. it’s about the decoration. you could really use whatever your favorite cupcake mix / recipe is but you do need to use white (whether it’s vanilla, coconut or whatever flavor) icing. you really can’t use something like chocolate for this. you need the light color of the buttercream / icing.

so here’s the procedure.

make your favorite cupcake. try to use white cupcake liners / nut cups. no big worry if you can’t but regular, fluted cupcake liners don’t do anything for authenticity. i made a vanilla sour cream cupcake but i think the recipe needs some tweaks so that’ll be another time.

after your cupcakes are cool, frost them with the icing / buttercream of your choice. i used a vanilla buttercream… in fact half of this one. and then you decorate with colored sanding sugar. you want to use the smaller grain (i don’t know if that’s the right terminology but you don’t want coarse sugar). you can use any colors you’d like but i recommend going with a trio of red, yellow and blue to make every kid’s favorite sno-ball flavor… rainbow. once you’ve got all the sugar sprinkled appropriately cut some straws and stick them in the cupcake. you can also use some plastic spoons to lend even more authenticity but i was out. when you’re done you’ll have something that looks like this:

yay!! fun times.

make them for the sno-ball lover in your family / friends.



2 thoughts on “sno-ball cupcakes

  1. that was the BEST birthday surprise (and the best tasting) !!!! people just don’t share our love of snowballs… i could literally eat one everyday and not feel bad about it one little bit.
    thank you again!!

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