there are some nights you wish you could clone yourself…

and wednesday night was one of those nights… see i love music. i really do believe that there are many times when we cannot find the right words for the right moment and finding a song that can express that makes me beyond happy – ok well it makes me excited even in the sad/angry/whatever non-happy moments. i think that there are lyrics that express what we want to say better than if we could pull the words out of the air. that being said, i love going to concerts especially when it’s someone i really like. so it would be safe to assume that when an artist (say justin moore) comes to town, i would jump on the tickets…

…but i didn’t.

by choice.

oh it kills me to write that.

but here’s the other thing…

…there are certain “celebrity” chefs (or really just chefs in general) that i’m obsessed with. and not obsessed in the creepy way. just in the i really admire them and wish that we could be best friends so they could cook with/for me all the time. john besh is one of those chefs. he recently took over la provence restaurant and has a fabulous chef there and they host a monthly tasting dinner which my mom and stepdad attended in september and i was lucky enough to attend in october. he also just released a new cookbook. where am i going with all this? well at the end of the dinner in october they mentioned that he would be at the event in november so what’s the first thing i do when i hear that? promptly walk up to the hostess desk and make reservations. see these dinners are normally the third thursday of the month but because john besh is so awesome, his calendar is super packed so it had to be on a wednesday. the wednesday of the justin moore concert.

so i had to choose.

i choose food and john besh.

i don’t regret it either but i just wanted to be in two places at once. thankfully i did see justin moore when he came here with miranda lambert. i still would have liked to see HIS show and not him being an opener. but what can you do?

meet john besh!

and i did!!

he was awesome and really nice and i totally geeked out.

anyways… now that i blabbed forever on to the food.

i made the recipe before and i recently fond the magazine page where i tore it out so i decided to make it again.  the best part about this recipe is that it is super easy but looks super fancy. i mean there are a few steps to it but each step is simple and pretty non timeconsuming. it makes a great week night meal especially when you want to pretend to be fancy on a tuesday. oh and there’s no fancy name so…

chicken with brie and bacon in puff pastry (like i said.. no fancy name)

  • 1 lb chicken breast cutlets – you can buy 2 chicken breasts and cut them in half horizontally if where you shop doesn’t offer cutlets; and not these are not tenderloins
  • a wedge of brie cheese – i don’t know exactly how much i had, i just bought a wedge and used it
  • 6 slices bacon – i actually only used 4 slices but i needed extra to snack on; and if you can get good applewood smoked bacon, spend the little extra and get it.
  • 1 box puff pastry – make sure it’s thawed in the fridge the night before
  • cajun seasoning – you can really use any type of seasoning you’d like; i used slap ya mama, onion powder, and garlic powder
  • olive oil
  1. cook your bacon until it’s just crispy – that was about 25 minutes in my oven set to 350F. set the cooked bacon aside and snack on the extra strips you made because you know you can’t resist it either. leave your oven on.
  2. season both sides of your chicken breast cutlets with the seasoning and brown off in a skillet on medium / medium-high heat coated with olive oil – i did mine in two batches (2 cutlets per batch) because all 4 cutlets wouldn’t fit in my skillet comfortably.
  3. cut the brie into slices (you can remove the rind if you want to or you can leave it on, that’s your call).
  4. roll out the puff pastry sheets so you can cut each half in half so you have long rectangles of puff pasty. you want to roll it and cut it so that you can put the chicken breast cutlet in there and still be able to “close” it up.
  5. assemble your puff pasty chicken… it goes a little like this: puff pastry –> chicken breast –> brie cheese –> bacon. then you “close” up the puff pastry and press it together and put it on a baking sheet – if you’re smart (or insane) like me you’ll use the same baking sheet that you used for the bacon after you drained and saved the bacon grease (that stuff is like gold in my kitchen).
  6. cut a small slit in each side so the pastry doesn’t explode while baking.
  7. bake at 350F for 25-30 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown.

and that’s it.

told you it was simple and seemed really fancy. you can serve it with a salad or green beans. or whatever else floats your boat.



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