the game of the century?

so this weekend was the BIG game… and by big i mean “the game of the century”! #1 vs #2… doesn’t happen many times during the regular season.. and it was a doozy. as always, lsu made sure to keep it a cardiac event. it was a great game. a defensive slug fest. a great great game. it might not have been as high scoring as other games for the season for either team but when you have the caliber of defense that both lsu and bama has, you don’t expect that. i’m not going to lie. i was expecting a touchdown or two but i’ll take the W.

what does that have to do with a food blog?? absolutely nothing but it was a big game. a game that i’d been looking forward to all season. a game that will go down in history for those who watch college football, especially the SEC.

on to the food…

i guess i slacked this week because honestly, i didn’t really cook when i got home. i ate some leftovers and pulled some gumbo out the freezer because i wanted to. it was yummy, and yet again that’s another (colder weather) post. but i plan to do some more cooking and i did some this weekend… what did i cook you might ask? well it would have been more than one day but i was offered saints tickets for today on friday so i just made something saturday. i still haven’t told you what that was yet have i? i like keeping people on their toes. 🙂

i saw this recipe on cooking channel a while ago and thought it would be something good. kelsey nixon, formerly of next food network star, has a show on cooking channel and she is who this recipe comes from… i figured a hearty sandwich was long overdue. plus i love me some french dip so this was a good variation on that since it’s essentially a french dip but made with turkey. another bonus, it’s made in the slow cooker/crock pot (whichever term you like to call that small kitchen appliance).

so this sandwich… it’s a keeper. not only is it simple to make but it’s really good too. like i said, i’m a big fan of a good french dip. i mean what’s not to like? it’s got bread, cheese and steak that you dip into au jus. this was a turkey french dip though. i was intrigued when i saw her make it one day. i mean a good french dip is all kinds of good but made with turkey? could it really make me not miss the fact that this wasn’t beef? only way to tell was to test it out. and did i miss the beef in this? not at all. well i say that but i’m red meat kinda girl so i did, but only in the teeniest way.  this turkey breast was moist and delish. the gruyere that was used also made it. i spend a little extra for actual gruyere instead of buying swiss cheese slices but there are times when i think spending the little extra is worth it. i followed the recipe pretty much to the t so the only thing i would add next time that i didn’t this time is some horseradish mayo or some other sandwich spread. this turkey could have handled the punch of the horseradish. i did add some garlic to the herbed butter that was spread on the breast before it’s steam bath. mainly because i really like me some garlic in EVERYTHING. i was worried that the little amount of chicken stock wouldn’t produce a lot of au jus but i was proven wrong. it was plentiful and perfect to dip. so here’s the rundown…

turkey roast dip with melted gruyere

  • 4+ tbs unsalted butter, softened (4 for the herbed butter plus more for the bread)
  • 1 tbs fresh thyme leaves, chopped
  • 1 tbs fresh rosemary leaves,  chopped
  • large onion (kelsey calls for it to be roughly chopped but i just sliced it)
  • 1/2 cup chicken stock
  • 3 tbs worchestershire sauce
  • 3-4 lb bone-in turkey breast
  • 4 french baguettes, sliced in half
  • 12 slices gruyere (to be honest, i’m not sure how many slices i used but i cut it fresh from the block and i was happy with it)
  1. for the turkey: in a small bowl, mix together 4 tbs butter, fresh herbs and some salt and pepper (this is where i added 3 cloves garlic). spread the chopped onions on the bottom of the crock pot and pour in the chicken stock and worchestershire. make sure to pat dry the turkey; sprinkle with salt and pepper. slather (yes she uses the term) the turkey breast with herb garlic butter, speading half under the skin. place the buttered up turkey breast on top of the onions, breast side up. cover and cook on high 4-6 hours, check it after 4 to see if the internal temperature has reached 170F (so i would recommend checking after 3 hours because mine was done and i used a 4 lb breast). once the turkey reaches 170F, remove from the crock pot to a cutting board and tent with foil so it can rest for 10 min before cutting it. after it’s rested, remove the skin and slice.
  2. for the sandwiches: preheat your broiler and brush the sliced bread with some softened butter. top each baguette with gruyere and place under the broiler until the cheese is melted. carefully remove from the oven and pile on your sliced turkey. serve with the au jus from the crock pot from dipping.

that’s it. isn’t that pretty simple? plus it turns out delish! totally something that is worth making on a weekend. oh and if you didn’t want to make the turkey into sandwiches, it’s good enough that you don’t have to.

and since i went on a semi-tangent earlier in this post and last post, i’m going to go on another…. except this is pretty food related. as i said, i went to the saints game today. which meant i went to NOLA. which means i have to get some food. this time it was on a recommendation from duff goldman. yeah that duff goldman. owner of charm city cakes and star of sugar high. it was a personal one – to me and the rest of the country. there’s a donut place on canal street that was opened by some NOPD employees called blue dot donuts. when duff visited, they featured their maple bacon long john. and let me tell you friends, it’s worth the calories. i mean first of all i love me some donuts. plus who doesn’t love bacon. i mean everything is better with bacon… worth it. try it. pay them a visit. you’ll thank me.


recipe very slightly modified from: Kelsey’s Essentials on Cooking Channel


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