the long and short of it…

so here’s the deal…. i pinterest. a lot. it’s actually a tad ridiculous. i mean i could sit there and pinterest for a living. saddest part… i’ve only been introduced this miracle (or evil?) in the last week or so. i know. it’s bad.

i say that because that obsession leads me here. to this. i never really had a desire to truly blog about anything in particular. i mean i livejournaled when that was cool. i thought about doing a blog when i was into sex and the city. but did i ever give it a wholehearted attempt and actually have a focus? no. not in my wildest dreams.

that’s where pinterest comes in…

see i love food. like seriously love food. i’ve been watching food network since i was in middle school. (and when i started watching it, i watched it in secret late at night like it was something devious, an addiction.) and i love everything about food. i’m borderline certifiable about it. i stammer and get all googly around chefs i obsess over (see Susan Spicer and John Besh). so friends introduced me to pinterest and said that i could discover all kinds of recipes. and boy did i. in the measely little week or so i’ve been “pinning” i’ve pinned a total of 287 times. and for the record i have 7 boards – DIY, home decor, fashion, vacation spots, food, undefined and party ideas. ok so logically, if i’ve pinned to all the boards equally i should i have 41 pins per board. but who pins equally? not me. oh no not me. i pin over half my pins to my food board… like 154 pins worth.

it’s sick.

i know.

but the point of that joyous little story is that pinning the recipes brings me to all kinds of food blogs and i figure, if they can find time, i can to. i’m not looking to compete or even be half the blog that these people turn out… but i simply want to write and talk and dream about food. i figure, i can take pictures of my food when i try something new. i can share my recipes. that i can do. i can’t promise that i’ll post something every day (because i know i won’t). mainly because, i don’t always try something new every day. a lot of times, i stick to my tried and true. see i work full time. and a lot of evenings i just want to pass out on my couch. but i figure this will make me a little more inspired. if i think i have to share with everyone, maybe i won’t be lazy and i’ll attempt more of the recipes i pull out of the 4 (FOUR!) food magazines i subscribe to. so this is me… starting to do that.

and all the recipes are a complete variety… i feel i should clarify that. i like to cook AND bake. i like a meal from start to finish. from the cheese plate appetizer to the last bit of rum sauce on a piece of bread pudding.  so you’ll find everything here.

enough of the long and the short of it. no recipe in this post… only a little fyi background… but i am making taffy apple cupcake pops tonight so look forward to that being the first recipe post… YAY!!



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